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TL05 is perfectly made for your home, business, vehicle and school. Its solid steel construction provides the maximum security and protection in the market. The built-in 4 digit dial can be set by users, and the combination can be changed by flipping the back lever. 




Opening instructions

Pull the shackle up when the combination is correct.

Locking instruction

Insert the keys (objects) into the box, close the box and move the dials to an alternate setting.


It is recommended the dials are rotated weekly to keep them move frequently.

Resetting combination instruction:

1. Original code of security pad lock is "0-0-0-0".
2. Move the reset pin on the back of lock to the right and upward.
3. Select new combination on the dials; make sure the numbers are on the central position.
4. Write down the new combination for future reference.
5. Move the reset pin back down to the left position when finishing resetting.
6. Check the operation of lock box by using the new combination.

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