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Cam Lock
Anti Drill Cam Lock-AL

Anti Drill Cam Lock-ALAnti Drill Cam Lock-AL

We offer two ways of opening the door, right handed and left handed. A variety of cam length and cam rotation are available. 
 5 million key combinations provide you with high security.

Lock and Unlock function (Mechanical)


Zinc Alloy


About 0.06KG


1. Length: 5/8”
2. There are 5 million of key combinations for high security.
3. Dust cover can prevent dust or any other small object into the lock and cause malfunction.
​4. Anti Drill design prevent people from using dril to open the lock and steal.
5. Can be used for lockers, coin collecting box, mail box and tool boxes.
6. Can be fitted in plastic, timber, and steel lockers.

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