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Keyless Lock
Keyless Lock-FN

Keyless Lock-FNKeyless Lock-FN

This keyless lock provides the most convenient. There is no trouble of losing keys. Users can set up their own code which can reach 10,000 sets code. It can be used in the plastic, steel and timber lockers.

Dial function (Mechanical)


Plastic and zinc alloy.


About 0.3KG (About H82*W37*D27 mm)


1. 4 dial codes are available (dial fix code mode-change by needs).
2. 4 Dial Resettable Combination provides simple, set-your-own combination convenience.
3. Master key is available in case of users forgetting their code.
4. Can be fitted in timber, and steel locker.
5. Over 10,000 sets code.
6. Special design to open the locker directly, do not need to install extra handle.
7. No card, no wire, no battery and no annoying management.

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